2020-03-25 17:14:31 (UTC)

Prompt 063: Gourmet Dinners

We've come a long way since microwave TV dinners in the 1950s. What is the most gourmet dinner you've ever had? Do you think it was too fancy? Why or why not?

Haha! Yes, we've certainly come a long way since microwave TV dinners in the 1950s. I was going to make some snide remark about microwave ovens not being invented by then. However as it turns out the first microwave oven, the "Radarange," was manufactured in 1946. Th microwave oven became mass-produced in 1955. ...That's one of those "today I learned" moments.

I've had a few fancy dinners in my lifetime. I've attended a few weddings, and attended a few work-related functions where fancy-ass dinners were featured. I could even go as far back as high school, when I attended prom and homecoming and stuff like that. Those meals could have been considered fancy, even though I had no concept of it at the time.

However, one of the fanciest meals I recall would have been a "farewell" dinner for a coworker and neighbour, when he and I went to a Korean restaurant. It was one of those places with the firepit at the center of the table, filled with glowing coals and topped with a metal grille. They brought out a plate full of raw beef, pork, and chicken and we cooked it for ourselves (I was still eating meat at the time).

It was several leagues beyond fondue, but it had the same kind of feel to it: the preparation of the meal wasn't something left to the kitchen staff, hidden in the back. Cooking was a communal event, reserved for those who were there to eat the food. I was also quite a drinker at the time, and we downed a few bottles of Ki-Rin for the occasion.

Was the meal too fancy? Not at all. He ordered from the menu in his native language. We chatted, ate, drank, and laughed. He showed me how to cook properly. It was a classy dinner, but still casual, and we were reminded of as much when we stepped out the door to conclude the evening's meal onto the dirty streets of Baltimore, late at night.

The guy was a good friend: he and I both worked at the coffee shop that helped me pay my way through college. He had finished his degree in biomedical engineering, I think it was, and had accepted a job offer at the US patent office. Apart from this occasion, he and I would sometimes head out for a late-night Krispy Kreme run, and eat donuts and drink coffee just because we could. Last I heard, he was in Washington, DC, approving and disapproving applications for patents, deep in the bowels of the patent office. A nice guy. I hope he's doing well for himself.


The only thing on the news these days is how COVID-19 is ruining everything, and how the dipshit-in-chief wants to "reopen the economy" at some sort of arbitrary date less than a month away.

I really can't bear to discuss more about my disappointment in the federal government, or even everyday society in the USA, right now. I just don't have the will to complain. That's all.

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