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2020-03-25 19:07:23 (UTC)



Dishes are 1/2 done. Feet were swelling and I got extremely shaky so had to lay down.

I realized, Limp never came here yesterday to get his car and trailer. Was a perfect day to grab stuff. Not sure why he keeps waiting till the weekend. I’m assuming he has a sitter for the work days, just leave work comes get ya shit and go get the brats. It’s a control thing. He wants to play these stupid head games, and I’ve proven I’m not going to play the games. By Thursday he will have had four days, so Friday I will get rid of shit in the dumpster. Been three months. I’m sick of it. He knows I’m gone on the weekends normally. Stop the excuses he’s always been so good at giving. Grow the f up. Come to the realization that you are no longer important in my life. I am, my kids are. The rest are extras in life that will come and go.

Ended up dozing off. I can’t get over how tired I am. I’m just completely exhausted. No strength, no energy.
When I stand, my kidney areas starts killing me, not sure what the hell is going on.

I’m going back to nap after I get the kids fed lunch. I’m thankful Sheldon is helping out today.


BabyFace’s therapist called. Had to give her the 4-1-1 on the drug use and the fact she can not live with Barbie. Not a good idea due to the fact Barbie is a drug user. I’m sure BabyFace is going to be angry at me, but I’m looking out for what would not be good for her, seeing as she is an addict already. They don’t believe she has MPD or BPD. They believe it is all drug related. They want her to stay for a 90 day treatment then get a fresh intake on the mental part.....so they have a clear clean picture.

But, I almost got dishes completed. I did get breakfast, lunch cooked and am working on dinner now, it’s in the oven.

Talked to Sam a bit, not too long, maybe 35-40 minutes. She seems ok, and wishes we lived closer.

But, I’m going to finish putting laundry in and flip the chicken and go back to my bed.

(Listening to : In This Moment)

I’ll pop back in at bedtime.