London Life
2020-03-24 23:24:49 (UTC)

Essential reasons to go out

It's still a novelty this situation, which keeps life interesting - for the time being. Today for the first time people are not supposed to go out in groups of more than two, only for essential reasons likes shopping.

We walked down to Waitrose at lunchtime. There were a lot of runners - you are allowed to take exercise once a day - and a few others in ones and twos. At Waitrose they were restricting the number of people in the shop, and making the queue outside stand two metres from each other.

It was noticeable that one construction site was still building. Government instructions are unclear about this, but really it shouldn't be called essential.

At work there was a mix-up as I thought I had a previously-unknown piece of CME to do, which turned out to be the usual work. I involved my Head Of Team, as well as a phone call with the Midlands officer, before I realised it was just a simple thing.

Elina wants me to phone her, as she hasn't heard my voice for ages. Sometimes I think she fancies me, as offering what her boyfriend lacks (and I don't mean physically - however proudly she shows me her impressive cleavage).

More telly in the evening - definitely not what I expected this diary to be about. First we watched the Blackadder Story online, as we couldn' t find any actual episodes. I think the BBC have had them all deleted, as they are launching a streaming service with ITV and quite rightly want you to pay for it.
Then Ian Hislop's programme about idealised views of the countryside, from the 1850s to The Archers.

BBC London news interviewed my favourite Parkway greengrocer about social distancing. They also went to Kentish Town.

I only remembered yesterday that I would have gone to a fetish club on Saturday. They didn't cancel it until about Wednesday, a day or two after other entertainment and clubs had shut.