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2020-03-24 22:25:51 (UTC)


Well, ended up running to town, filled the truck with fuel, grabbed smokes and came home.

Have been super cold since the weekend. Was chatting with Nascar, since DD2 didn’t answer the phone twice, and Nascar suggested I take my temperature, 99.8, dry sore throat, sniffles, head congestion, and stomach issues today, plus ultra tired.
I’ll keep an eye on it, think I’m just run down. I had my flu shot.

Other than that, we have too much food and no room for it all, so was trying to find a home for the extra freezer food we have, but the person I was wanting to give it to won’t answer the phone, and they are online, plus I left two voicemails so they could call me back and don’t....so am thinking of giving it to a neighbor around here and some to my daughter.

I’m running on empty right now. Just completely drained. Depression hitting an all time high....same with my exhaustion.

I’ll probably just take my medications early and call it a night.

Till I feel the need and have the energy to text......