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2020-03-24 17:04:33 (UTC)


Well, it’s 12:04pm, what a challenging day.

The 3 year old “Turkey” bit the 12 year old “Sheldon”. So turkey is in a time out.

I’m going to delete my Facebook for awhile. Just sick of it. DD2 hasn’t said anything, so I’m guessing irritated with me. Made a comment last night when the statement was made “you’re so negative “, I said “Well, if I was high all day I’m sure my attitude would be better”, and he took it as a slam. Oh well.

Did get coffee, laundry, and breakfast completed. Working on lunch.

Got the sound bar rolling with some mixed tunes.

Well, DD2 called, asked what’s up, I guess I never messaged him good morning. Odd, I normally do. Guess my head wasn’t into it today.

Kids need to go outside. Might get dressed and go for a very short walk.