Do Not Disturb

2020-03-24 06:19:17 (UTC)

Mistakes Happen

March is almost ending and this coronavirus thing has come to a nightmare of " The Walking Dead" except everyone's not dead we're alive and stuck in our houses until the government or whoever says so or, whoever's in charge of this whole thing.

Watching "Zombies 2" since, I didn't watch it those other times before it came on Disney Channel. Yes I stjll watch disney channel and I'm 21. I mean I watch other shows their maibly on my phone... On Netflix but I watch Ridiculousness if, that counts.

It just came of not to long ago.

Good movie

I broke a glass tonight because I wasn't paying attention to it when I was putting up the dishes and now my dad and his girlfriend is pissed because lf it and it wasn't like I did it on purpose. It was a mistake and mistakes happen but peopke alwaus make a big deal out of those mistakes and now I have to replace the one that was broken gift and have to find another one or something similar to it or, maybe even a better one.

So, today could've been better if, till I broke the glass wine that I have to try and find another one to replace it with.

I keeo beating myself up after every mistake I make because I think theirs something wrong with me and sometimes I do think theirs something wrong with me.

Well, all the time I do.

I feel like I repeated this all plenty of times before. I need to learn how to not do that... Repeat myself even if, people think I'm not talking loud enough for them to hear and I do.

Its been over a month since, I quit my job ( I think ) that I've been over a year and still haven't beem applying myself at finding another job ( which I need to do ASAP ) before I lose my mind because I like having my own money and buying my own clothes even though my Mother and Granfmother always asking for my money but when I hopefully get another job I can go do some shopping because I have ZERO clothes.

I saw some clothes at Ross that I really, really like like this jumpsuit that was blue and white stripes also this army dress that both my Grandma and brother kept saying it was to tight. I didn't like it anyway because of my big belly that everyone kept saying that I always look pregnant when I'm not and my Grandma kept complaining about how my dad was gonna say something about it because the sude of my leg. They had the dress cut open and it was a large ( which is in MY SIZE ) so, I tried to see if, they had an xtra large and they didn't but I just decided not to get it since, they kept saying and complaining abiut it being to tight.

I mean I'm 21. And a lot of girls wesr tight clothes but not to tight where you can barely take it off and hahev to get your mother to help you take it off and it makes you feel even more insecure about it because you can't wear clothes that you think are cute.

I don't like wearing the same clothes over and over again. I need some more jeans because I really don't have any unless the rest of it is in the storage.

Anyways, so I was about to remove " Fuller House" from Netfkix because I watched all season 5 episodes when I looked to see it saying their will be more episodes coming soon. Oh I hope so, I hope sesson 5 isn't the last season. I hope that they don't just end the last episode with Steve big dance number proposal and Dj ssying yes at the end , ( sorry to those who haven't watch the show and is reading this which you shouldn't be if, you haven't watched... The show 😁 ). I mean their has to be more. Theirs always more.

I mean we need a wedding. I would love to see how that plans out. Anyways, that was my day. All in one.

Mood : Full of it 🙄🙁

- A

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