London Life
2020-03-23 23:02:43 (UTC)

The not-so-bad lockdown

The Prime Minister made the expected announcement that we are to stay indoors except for essential reasons, which was what we expected him to say after parks and beaches were so busy at the weekend. Most shops have to shut, but pleasingly he said we could go out for exercise, meaning I can still go running, and not just up and down our street - it's not a complete lockdown as in Italy. Newsnight alluded to it being the most seismic shift so far, but to me the biggest change was when all the entertainment stopped.

We went out in the lunchtime sunshine, just to sit on a bench in Regent's Park eating the bargain snacks we got at Waitrose yesterday. Less and less places are open: the O2 and EE phone shops were shut, Costa is shutting tonight but in Parkway a falafel place and an independent coffee shop were open. Temple of Seitan has closed since yesterday. We got a coffee from the coffee shop: a man was serving it through his window on a wooden table.

Walking back, the Lock market was eerily empty, with just the odd person about, though two of the stalls and one restaurant were open.

I went on a run after work, a roundabout route to Adelaide Road, because a gate was shut along the canal. When I got back, Jack was watching a live podcast about changing voting patterns.

I did look at a few Doctor Who magazines I want to get rid of, but I haven't yet done many of the things in the house I always think I will do someday but never have time. Instead we have started watching television every night. Tonight we watched a programme about the Spanish Armada which punctured a few half-truths, and another presented by Jonathan Ross showing clips of Morecambe & Wise's many but rarely-shown programmes made on USA TV before they stopped going there in 1968.

At our work meeting, I was awarded the prize for the best hat.