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2020-03-23 15:20:34 (UTC)

quarantine life

Life is so crazy, and this whole quarantine stuff is insane to me.
It's really led us to seeing many things happen that we never thought would happen.
I don't understand why people are cleaning out the grocery stores, though.
That's very selfish, and it says a lot about a person.
Also what's up with the toilet paper situation?????? Like... really?????
I'm not scared of the virus at all, I'm scared of the psychotic energy that's emerged from it.
It's literally insane and it's shown a lot of true colors.
Anyways, I've been doing really good learning new skills/information.
I figured if I'm gonna be stuck in the house all day, this gives me the perfect opportunity to do everything that I always procrastinated.
I forgot about my bike, so I pulled it out the garage and studied the mechanics of it.
I've been watching SO many documentaries that are teaching me so much about my major.
I've been doing so much studying and homework that I'm ahead of the game, which says a lot for a college student.
I've been listening to music, spending time with my fam, watching movies with them, it's been such a good time.
I feel like I might be the only person enjoying this quarantine situation...
Whoever is reading this, I hope you have a good day/night :) Drink water!!