London Life
2020-03-22 23:16:13 (UTC)

Finsbury Park

Listened to my favourite tunes of the month so far, then uploaded the week 12 releases ready to listen to. At 10:00 I got into bed with Jack. Usually I am rushing to get up and do something but now we're no longer busy due to everything being closed, we stayed in bed for more than two hours listening to No Such Thing As A Fish podcasts. You learn so much from these programmes, while having a great laugh as well. One part was about Charles Babbage who invented a calculator in the 19th century and wanted to go on to make what we understand as a computer, but couldn't get funding from Parliament. So he is not really the father of the computer as he is often called, but the childless uncle, as his invention didn't lead to anything. (History might have been very different if he'd had the funding).

We sat around for a bit. We could have spent time tidying the flat and throwing stuff out, but we wanted to cycle to Hampstead today while we are still allowed to. Instead we meandered around Islington and after stumbling across the Arsenal stadium, decided to go to Finsbury Park instead. The cafe there was closed despite a notice saying they were serving through a window, so we cycled up to Harringay and got a takeaway coffee from Costa (Pret has shut it's coffee houses but not Costa) and drunk it at the benches in the park, together with some reduced-priced wraps we got from Waitrose the other day.

We were going to cycle straight back via Arsenal but stopped at Paradise Park and watched various ad-hoc games of football, including an oddly matched couple of parents, what looked like an interesting rasta with a boring-looking short-haired chubby girl with no dress sense. There was also a little girl negotiating some small hills, helped by her dad. It was so sunny yesterday I was caught out by the cold wind, so today I wore an under-garment, additional hoody and knee-boots, feeling much cosier.

We diverted to King's Cross and just got to Waitrose before it shut. I'd got the Non-League Paper which is still publishing despite there being no football. It seems unsustainable, as so many articles were about clubs' finances and whether to finish the season. There'll be nothing different to report next week.

Jack was trying to get his parents to join his siblings and niece on FaceTime for "Mother's Day" with limited success. We watched another part of the Anglo-Saxon series, as King Athelrad united the 10th century English kingdoms, while the original Britons wanted to send the English back where they came from.

The Prime Minister is now asking people to stay indoors. I don't think we have caused problems by going out, but clearly some people were not social distancing. Ths Government policy initially was to allow the virus to take hold and get it over with it, but they realised the NHS wouldn't be able to cope so are now trying to prolong the outbreak while reducing the peak. The Prime Minister's press conferences are getting audiences of 10 million, which compares with 6 million for a high-rated drama such as Call The Midwife.