Do Not Disturb

2020-03-22 21:02:26 (UTC)

I got my phone back

Last night. I kind of figured he was gonna give it to me but theirs a catch. Theirs always a catch to something.

He told me that everytime that I don't "think" or, "use my brain" he will take away my phone. I mean I think we all know that I know how to use my brain I'm not stupid but sometimes I feel like I am.

So, I have to make sure he won't do just that even though I'm 21. But he's my dad. 🙄

They had a long talk with me last night about how I need to be open more but not to much also about how I need to make "friends", how I need to know the questions that I already know the answer to when most of the time I don't and, how they say I act like a little kid sometimes ( which I don't even see how) and blah, blah, blah.

From now on, I'm just not gonna say anything at all.

Since, I repeat stuff and since it pisses my dad off when I do but only because people act like they can' t hear me when I'm talking to them. And I do talk loud enough for them to hesr me but I guess they just don't care. Nobody cares.

Maybe my journal is my only friend. Maybe I'll have some friends when I go to college or, before I go to college.

Mood : Fuck my life

- A

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