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2020-03-22 18:28:15 (UTC)

Long time no see

Hey my diary
It's been long. I didn't get to write for few days. I was busy. Studying. Revising. Coronavirus. Etc. Our schools have been closed since Friday. But I didn'tgo on Friday. Neither did Alexia or randlyn. I knew that I was going to feel lonely and wasn't going to learn anything (like Thursday).
I went to school on Thursday just to complete DT coursework. But couldn't as the teacher wasn't even in. I fucking hate that teacher, just as I hate all the teachers in dt: Mr mukasa(electronics) I was once in his class but hated as he doesn't know how to teach, Mr david (graphics, current teacher), Ms digpal (cooking, mentor). There was another textiles teacher ms teals but I don't really know her
I didn't even feel like Thursday was my last day in school. But I'm very happy that I'm leaving that school. I hope that I don't see many (better any) of the schoolmates in college next year. I hope to get a place in bramptonmanor. I already got an offer from ncs. But I don't really like it there. I want to go either bramptonmanor or lae. The grief of getting rejected from kings maths is still there. But I just wanna get successful in my life. I paseed the entrance and also did the interview. I was one one of the 150 pupil out of 700 who passed the entrance. I'm very smart. I'm a mathematician.
All the schools in the UK have been closed. We are all home. I hope that my father doesn't go to his work. He hands out newspapers in front of some stations. So many people walking and passing him. I care about him the most. I hope that everyone in my family stays safe and healthy. I probably have a high temperature or like a mild fever today. I have been a lot of water site yesturday. One of nostrils is blocked : the left one. My mom was fasting today. Farha have been playing computer games from the morning since yesturday. I've started some online computing, algorithm, matching learning courses online today which are free.
I'm very concerned about financial status on our family if my dad looses his job. Ammu doesn't work. Idk what to do. I didn't work out today nor yesturday. The day before yesterday I've worked too much in the morning that's why I probably had injured
My dad just attacked me out of nowhere for pray. I had just prayed. I hate this family
So stinky and yet no one opens the windows. Excuse is that it's cold which shouldn't even apply when the temperature is high. Fuck it!