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2020-03-22 08:14:38 (UTC)

Sunday - Heading South

First and foremost i want You to know that i had a "liquid breakfast in bed" about 3/4 hr ago..... :) Need i elaborate? my tummy may pay the price on the way home. i'm sure our reading followers might enjoy reading of my activities...and sharing it with You.....xoxo.
We've had our share of the mountains for 4 days or so and heading home for a break. If all goes well and the weather is decent we may come back up later in the week through next weekend. Playing things loosly and by ear these days.
i will look for You for a little bit while i tend to my classes. By 10:30 or so i will be gathing things, showering, and getting ready to hit the road by noon. If i don't see You today i hope we can visit this week.
Your s/w/c