London Life
2020-03-21 12:32:08 (UTC)

A long time spent mending Jack's bike

Sat 21/03/2020
I had thought of doing a virtual ParkRun, just running the usual course at the usual time, but it would be bad if other people had the same idea. Anyway I was tired and stiff and it seemed a bit pointless making such an effort to go out early. Instead I finished doing the Top 100 until Jack got up. Good to hear Mark Radcliffe on the radio, he's much more interesting than most 6 Music presenters.

It has been my fear that we could have a total lockdown like Paris, but I heard someone there say she was allowed to go 500m from her home so that might not be quite terrifying, I could run up and down even if it did get boring.

We wanted to cycle to Hampstead but had to replace a tube in Jack's Brompton. It was a bit harder to get the wheel off than on other bikes, due to a weird little chain between the wheel nut and the brakes. We looked at on online videos where the chain looked different.

After Jack came back from seeing his friend, he eventually managed to get the wheel off, change the tube, get the tyre back on with difficulty and then had a lot of trouble getting the little chain to screw back in. Jack normally takes his bike when he goes to see his parents, but it's been sitting in our flat for about three weeks as the wheel nut was too tough to get off. Initially the one the other side seemed just as bad, but using a towel it was a lot easier to get off. This took all afternoon, time we would never usually have.

As it was now getting on for 17:00 we went to Regent's Park instead of Hampstead. We sat on a bench and looked at the lake for a while, then went in the inner part by the college. There were two water-birds with seven little cignets, and Jack fed them some of my Nakd bar.

On the way back we stopped to get a pizza from Purezza. A man asked if I had any bike tools, and Jack was delighted to get out his new expensive little container of tools which I had criticised him so much for buying.

When I went to get my paper, we lost each other as he went to Holland & Barrett to get nuts. By the time we got home, the pizza wasn't very hot.

We watched another BBC4 programme about the Anglo-Saxons - this time it was King Alfred's daughter-in-law defeating the Vikings in Mercia. Also a lot more nice dancers in tight mini-skirts in 1989 Top of the Pops repeats.