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2020-03-22 07:28:36 (UTC)

Is this love?

I was upset on monku coz he told me that m irritated while I wasn't, but said this to me so many time that it made me irritate and I disconnected the call. Because from past few months he was irritated not interested in jokes coz of his work issues but i understood him ignoring all the time. And over that he says that I'm irritated? How mean is this that??
After I disconnected the call he just called me once, I didn't receive and then past 5 days he dint call. He did msg me next morning but irrelevant gif msg. And for this he says me that he tried.
I am going through a really tough time so is he, we have to be with ech other but...
He could have just called me wrote msg and thing would have been solved, but he never does that he leave me alone saying he dint msg coz he didn't wanted to fight. So he shud not even try to talk?

I did msg him saying if this is what u wanted you cud have told before. Coz I always felt that m talking with him without his wish, he is not giving me time but doing a formality by calling talking to me fir literally 2 mins I never complained, I did tell him how I like to talk to him makes me forget everything,but that dint really mattered to him coz all he wants to do is hug his problems. Now I'll not msg him or call him. Let's see how will things happen.
M very sad n hurt. He never try to sort things I hate him for keeping me alone. I know tomorrow if I ask him he will say u cud have also called or msged me why didn't you? Means I'm mad at you and I shud only call pls clap for this though...
M nil is my today's status. No job, no bf(for now) no money, no hopes nothing at all...

Love I really dint expect this from you. Swear to God I never expect anything from him but his time that to just to talk over phone. M really sad for this. And to know that m not imp for him.