Xýn's Life
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2020-03-21 17:17:07 (UTC)

Meditation and Love

So, today is the day I learned some of the benefits of meditation. And let me just say that I actually love the idea and effect of meditation. It's just... Calming, utterly calming, and it helps me rationalize things better than I would be able to had I not thought of it. It clears my head, and while I'm starting off with guided meditation, I think I'll be able to start doing it on my own here in a few weeks. I'm exhilarated.

I've been extremely tired come recently. It's almost annoying how tired I get sometimes. And I can't sleep. Apparently meditation helps that, too. I need to be able to sleep better, I wake up exhausted and go to bed with major difficulties. It's fucking irritating man. I want to be able to sleep, but can I? Nooooooo.

AND, finally, we have community cases here in my area! Nine confirmed COVID-19 cases have been reported here. It's honestly making me kind of happy. I feel oddly safe from all of this COVID-19 shit, and it's great to feel like that, at least in my eyes. I want to see this virus take us all down, even if it means taking me, my family, my dogs and my friends with it. Humans suck.

Now... Onto the last part. I'm keeping this short. My partner system, the Unknown System, has a boy in it named Salem. I got a crush on Salem. I really like his personality. But I don't know how much he'll like mine. Collins, a member on my side, talked to him about it. I only know so much of what was said.

I hate not being able to know.

That's all for today.