taking heed

slightly exaggerated
2020-03-21 01:14:16 (UTC)

did laundry today

which is basically a life risking move if you live in an apartment now. i picked the wrong timeslot, noonish. at one point there were 5 people huddled basically, in front of the fucking elevator. I thought about going off on them. like, what part of social distancing is hard to understand, you rubes? and in front of our only elevators. 11pm laundry daze from this point forward if i am alive. the rest of the day was a blurr, as always. the nihilism comes and goes, but in increasingly louder volumes. the prospects are grim, the class divide is crystal clear - those senators selling off their fucking stocks and shit while advocating calm. we need guillotines as much as ventilators.

stay safe and ffs sake, don't gather at entrances or elevators if you live in my building and reading this. #chronicconditions

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