Xýn's Life
2020-03-20 16:59:15 (UTC)

A Ring From an Angel

Yesterday I got a ring from my grandma. I feel absolutely horrible about her getting me the ring. She got me one, but it broke while I was fidgeting with it. Just twisting it on my finger and it snapped like brittle wood. I felt awful. Then she bought me another one, a $55 one. Now I just feel like the biggest piece of shit on earth. But I can't say I don't love it.

I also got a horrible headache last night. I guess that somewhat makes up for it. It wasn't until 3AM that the headache fully subsided, 1000mg of Tylenol later. We also have a stark lack of my favourite bread, which is wheat bread. It's kind of sad. We had to get Dave's Killer Bread instead, but it's white bread, so woohoo. Can't say I can complain though, as long we have bread at all.

I have also been learning some Vietnamese. Just basic shit, really, like Xin chào, tôi tên là... Basics like that. Greetings, emotions, sentences, feelings, foods... I love Vietnamese. NO DECLENSIONS! NO GENDER UNLESS IT'S A SECOND PERSON PRONOUN! NO CONJUGATIONS! I love it. I love it so fucking much I'm willing to deal with the nine accents it comes with. And then those bitches stack! Jesus!

I slept a lot today, honestly. I'm so tired, and I feel really sick to my stomach for no reason. I'm just guzzling Cream of Potato hoping it helps it go away while laying down and trying to get rest. What a time to be sick.

I have nothing else to say. Though I do want to pay some respects to a dude on here named John, with a diary on here named Diary of John. He's going through some shit with his wife and he seems to be struggling a lot. So I wanted to give him some respect. That dude's been pretty strong through it all. Go John!