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2020-03-20 13:47:30 (UTC)

A memory

Now that I have a lot of free time, I was going through how much fun we had last year and something came to my mind.

I and my four other bitches used to hang out in a fucking HOSPITAL, everytime we needed a place to sit down and talk but were broke af to actually go to a cafe. Which we were most of the times. And this was way before the covid19 even existed.
Don't ask me why for what fucking reason we even THOUGHT that hanging out in a hospital was a good decision to make. But the hospital had a place for us to sit down and no one knew us there so we could have a private conversation without risking that someone might recognise us from the college. Also the hospital was managed by both the military and the government so there always were a bunch of cops on the premises so our security was nothing to be concerned about. We didn't want to take up seats which were preserved for patients so we would just sit on walls of the lobby. And no, it never crossed our mind that all of us were risking our life and health by being there. We hung out there for so long on so many occasions and that place has such Golden memories.(which I do realize is cynical to say about a hospital) I remember once one of the cops asked us what we were doing there and we paniced like hell. So I looked around and saw that the vaccine centre was just behind us. So I told the cop that we were here for our shot of tetanus. We were 17 and we all had our uniforms on so that might be the reason why there was no more questioning and the cop just left. Or maybe we just panicked for no reason and the Cop would just have left us alone regardless. But none the less, as soon as the Cop left we ran out of there.
At present the hospital has around 7 coronavirus patients, the area is restricted. A lot of my friends live around the hospital area and they are afraid that they are going to to get affected. Hell I'm afraid for them.
I never knew that the place which used to be our go to, would be the same place we have to fear one day.

PSS: this platform has a lot of kind people and everyone who has messaged me I want to thank you and say that it's much appreciated. Thankyou.
Take care. Stay safe.

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