from my heart
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2020-03-19 23:13:33 (UTC)

his right nostril is broken

7:13 pm

okay, so im finally home now and im kind of excited to be home even though i had soooo much fun with irene. we havent met in about 3 months which is nothing unusual. although we are really close friends, we never talk much until we finally meet after months and i have so much fun with her. im really glad that i know irene because like i know that we've gone through some shit and people always told me that i needed to drop her because she doesnt care about me or love me but to be honest whenever im with her i feel so happy and i dont want to lose that. also the situation back then was so so shitty but now that almost 6 months has passed since that time, i barely even feel any sort of hurt from it although i can see that it has affected my life so much whether it be good or bad. either way, i dont regret anything that has happened because im still friends with irene and irene makes me really fucking happy to the point she kind of makes me sad because i love her so much and i just really really love her a lot.

anyways so yesterday irene and i were hanging out and she invited her two other friends, logan and edward. im really awkward so i was kind of scared or feeling insecure that i might be the most boring person on earth to be with. anyways we started drinking and things got more chill. i started to not care about holding myself back from what i was saying and so i think i was able to just be myself which is so nice. logan taught me how to do the slot machine and i was so shocked cause edward fucking lost 100$ in one day from playing slot machines like CHILLLL

after a few more drinks i wasnt drunk but i was a bit tipsy by then and it felt really hot and edward was offering to let me wear his extra shirt he had in his car and i honestly shouldve accepted it but im so fuckkinnggg shyyyyyyy ):

so edward wanted to drink this drink which i forgot the name of and he asked me to come with him and at first i was hesitant but later on i ended up going with him and we were both alone in his car. this is where everything becomes so funny to me that when i keep replaying this scene in my head i start being dumb and giggling and shit.

edward was pouring a shot of the alcohol and while he was pouring he was breathing so fast i was like wtf????? and so confused why he was breathing like that. then after he took the shot and poured me one. i was kinda hesistant to take a shot so i started talking to him and idk why but we ended up talking about his nose. he was telling me how he couldnt breath from his right nostrils and i started laughing so much, idky. but like he started laughing too while telling me to stop laughing and so i started laughing more and we were just laughing.

then i put the shot in my mouth and hollyyy fuckkkk it was so much stronger than the other drinks ive had so i was kinda freaking out and i wanted to spit it out and i opened the car door. i was about to spit it out when he was like "THAT SHITS EXPENSIVE DONT SPIT IT OUTUTUTUTT" and i was like "oshit" in my head but i was having trouble swallowing but the longer it stayed in my mouth, the longer it burned. so i ended up swallowing it and i was like what THE FUCKKK IT BURNS and i started laughing again cause like i realized why he was breathing so fast before he took a shot.

i think after that one shot i didnt get drunk but i got hella tipsy and everything just became sooo funny. we were laughing again and his mom called so i had to be quiet but i couldnt stop giggling. then after we started talking about league and i was showing him my league on opgg and he was showing me his and i remember him telling me to add him (;

he took another shot and told me to take one too since i took it but i was lowkey kinda very super hesitant abt that because it was so strong and right when i was about to take it i had to go pee really bad so i told him i had to pee and i would be back but when i went inside irene and logan told to to sit with them so i ended up sitting and later on edward came back and then i guess nothing that important or funny or eventful happened for me to right about

when i got to irenes house, irene was showing me the messages of edward that he was sending and at one point she scrolled really fast but i saw a part where edward was saying "joanne is so cute" (joanne is my name) and omgggg i felt kinda happpy inside and idk i just felt good to have someone like being with me

anyways so irene told me that logan really liked hanging with me to which makes me a lot happy because im always super insecure about being really boring or too awkward for people to like me as a friend. but she told me that we should all hang out again next week which i doubt will actually happen because i feel like nothing ever goes as planned but i just feel happy about the fact that they enjoyed being with me just as much as i enjoyed being with them :DDD

i kind of wanted to add edward on league but idk im too shy and :/// akjdfkjd for that so ill just think about how fun it was and leave it at that

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