Xýn's Life
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2020-03-19 14:50:31 (UTC)

Mild Annoyance and Triumph

My spoilt ass convinced dad to look at phones. I am actually really fucking happy and excited about this! I didn't think it'd work. I showed him the phone I wanted, and while the price was definitely reaching, he didn't say no, just that he'd look. It's honestly kind of shocking. I was reaching for andromeda with my request and he gave me an assumed maybe. That's a first.

I'm increasingly happy with COVID-19 being a thing in America. Being a sadist, I really want to catch it and start going around hugging old people and telling them they're next. Unfortunately though, I can't do that. I'm still happy about it, things are changing and people are waking the fuck up that life isn't always safe, and there's always going to be something new nature will throw at you that will fuck up your entire civilization.

I'm just... The only bad thing is being locked up in my home. I liked going out and doing things, and I'm trying to get my mom to go shopping at any available opportunity. I can't go outside on my street because the people here have gone to shit, but I can try and convince my mom to cart us around for things we 'need'. It's kind of sad I have to do that, but what needs to be done is what needs to be done.

And... Tiffany. Tiffany Tiffany Tiffany... Ugh. She's very persistent in coming over. We don't want her over while the pandemic is going on, not because we're afraid of COVID-19, but more because we can't feed her and her stomachless children of the hunger void. It's really fucking annoying how she's desperate to come over here. "We need to use your internet for school" this, or "we should have a sleepover" that. It's fucking incredible how mad I am at her. Again, she's an awful parent. Internet companies are letting people have free internet for those who don't have it so they can do their school work, but no, she's an idiot and doesn't want them coming over because her house is a wreck. If it's so bad fucking clean it.

And then the fucking doctor. Mom is trying to get into the doctors office because her sinus infection won't go away, but they're not even calling back and they're in hair nets, masks, sanitary robes- the whole score of yards! It's a fucking nightmare in there, but she needs another Z-Pack because it just doesn't want to go away for her. What a time to be sick and NOT have COVID-19, right??

And finally, to end this off, I want to let you know that I'm not all cynical. I have two dogs, Hershey and Scooter. I fucking love my baby dogs. I cuddle with them and pet them and play with them, I'm always trying to get them to howl and oh my god Hershey, I love getting him to whine. It's so cute. For guidance Scooter is a Jack-Russell Terrier mix [suspected, they told us he's chihuahua-daschund mix, but he's too big for that], and Hershey, or Leebertie/Leebshun is a Miniature Daschund. They're both adorable and I love them a lot. They're wearing heart-shaped rabies tags on their collars now, and my god it's cute.

That's all I have to say for today! I do want to make a note that I have a physical 'Public Journal Outliner' now so I can document the date, the topics I want to talk about, the feelings I have on them, my opinions on them, and what I did today. I'm making sure to record time, place and people too, just to keep it somewhere since I'm a forgetful piece of shit.