deanne and Connor

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2020-03-19 12:25:45 (UTC)

Northern Baby

So glad to hear you got to getaway baby! I’m sure it will be challenging for us both, but I will try to check in too. I’ve got “company” that wants to spoil Me, but I really need youuuu! Master thinking of His s/w/c Keep the naughty thoughts going here as well!

M. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Hmmmmm........shacking up!!?? Assume You are both working from home, just not at Your OWN homes?
i have had some pretty busy days as You might expect. i was able to stay logged in for a few hours this morning but the afternoon was hectic. i will try again in a little bit (its now 4:50 ET and i need to tend to a few things beforehand).
Miss You, miss You, miss You......Need You, need You, need You.......
d, Your s/w/c....