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2020-03-19 10:21:12 (UTC)

Many reasons to cry

I have many reasons to cry and hardly think of any good reason to smile except to be having 2 loved ones in my life my mom and sis. Yes yes, obviously blessed to have a roof to live, bed to sleep and a food to eat. But here i'm taking about things which I want but m dying to get it i.e A BLOODY GOOD JOB, yes a good job, Money which ill get from job, that's it may be. from past couple of month my bad time is going on. No wedding, no job, monku and I hardly talk as he is busy but then that fun part is missing, he is not interested in jokes,fun talks or anything, I try to cheer him up but he doesn't that makes me upset. I'm equally worried about many things in life but i try to be happy at least when m with him.but, things are not such with him, he just want to live by hugging all these things. he is constantly boring, have nothing to talk over, irritated and stressed and making me stressed too. anyways i have left it to god now. I do understand the situation but why you want to spoil the good you already have. We are no talking since yesterday. he told me i get irritate but the fact is he gets irritated and i understand without complaining. but he 4th time told e that m irritated where i wasn't swear on god. i disconnected the call because i'm in no state to fight over things and he dint put any efforts to makeup things. Donno whats the future.
my job thing is getting worst, the jobs which were in my hands having no update because of Corona. I pray i get HDFC job, Kotak has very boring profile but m ready to even take that up. I did send my profiles to few casting even that dint worked out. Corona has put everything to stop. every thing is stopped till 31st March. so assume no job till then. i have 44k in hand ill wait till this month if things are not working fine then have to withdraw pf hat also I don't know how much ill get. M freaking out now. its prominently about the money but also about my career. was it my wrong decision to quit? i don't thinking about self is wrong? everything is a mess. I hope things will get better soon. i have faith in god.
Om Ganeshaya Namaha !!