Xýn's Life
2020-03-18 15:26:50 (UTC)

Mayhem of a Kind

So today has been a slight bit hectic. We're going to the dollar store later for some mustard and shit, but I have a mountain of clothes I have to put up and a room to maintain, which feels shockingly empty without my bed. I feel like a poor kid. Thankfully my dad isn't coming home for the next month or so, so I can just jack their bed. Mom sleeps in her recliner, so she doesn't care.

Ah, she's bothering me about those clothes now. I'll try to keep writing for as long as I can. I wanted to mention the fact that we have this one woman, Tiffany, who is my mom's long-term friend for over six years. Actually, eight years would be most suitable. She's the mother of all of my real-life friends, who's names will be coded as Jeanne, Reagan and Chris. Jeanne is the oldest at 13, Reagan is the youngest at 11, and Chris is the middle at 12. We're kind of just descending-age friends. Anyway, their mother is a tyrant. Their house looks like a train wreck filled with elephant shit, and she has roaches, rats, mice, the whole nine yards. Probably a dead bird somewhere.

Anywho, she's really awful. I hate her as a mother. She's fat, lazy, and can't do anything for herself. Her kids are supposed to do everything for her and she blames them for her house being a wreck. She could clean it while they're at school. Does she? No. She has no one to blame but herself for being a horrible parent, a horrible mother, and a horrible wife. I hope she burns and we have to adopt her children. They're the light of my life.

I have to go now. But I do honor her kids, and I love Jeanne and Reagan. Chris is... Complicated. And just for clarification, Reagan is a girl.