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2020-03-18 08:14:59 (UTC)

Heading North Tonight

i'm still home.....trudging through work virtually....
i'm heading north to the condo late afternoon and should arrive by 7:00 or 7:30.....probably come back home Sunday for the first half or so of next week and potentially go back for another long weekend. i know, probably TMI, but wanted You to know my whreabouts and that i will do my VERY best to connect while there. i do have a virtual class session Saturday morning -- likely 9-10 am, but it could linger a bit later if there are questions, etc. So will plan to look for You afterward, as well as on and off Thu & Fri while working.
i miss You so much.....after our time together last weekend i've had trouble not thinking of You. i need to please You.....i need You to use me.
Much love.....Your s/w/c.....anything......everything.