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me and my life
2020-03-18 09:44:38 (UTC)

Global Issue

Yes, it seems like world has come to an end, COVID has spread in the entire world an all livings are suffering. This has marked history's worst pandemic. Everyone in the world is under house arrest, Jobs, malls, gyms everything is under halt this gives my badluck fuel this way who will give me job? I'm standing on 5th month of unemployment, there are so many openings but none is working out for me. it becomes frustrating but over the years i have experienced that time is the players and he plays and things will happen on time only.
Lets wait ab sab kharab ho hi gaya hai tho kharab hi sahi, lets see how things will fall . I know I have to suffer, struggle and do job of not my choice that's the story of my life.
Nothing matlab absolutely nothing is going right. ill not break ill fight. god please be with me.
m fed up of staying at home.sister is at home for her pregnancy, I could have given her more if i were earning. Il; wait till March if nothing happens then ill have to withdraw my PF which i had kept for worst scenario. I hope the worst doesn't comes out.

God rehem kar...