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me and my life
2020-03-09 10:04:47 (UTC)


Today was my 5th interview in 5 months positive so far, they wants me to meet their HOD and if he/she is ok then I might get it.
I donno I'm not very happy about it, it's just that I'll get the money atleast. Work is not that great too.
I had given interview in Neelkamal, Niyo, IDFC, HDFC which I thought will get through but unfortunately donno what even happened and today at Kotak.
M afraid this month might also pass. I tried my hands in getting acting projects even that dint work. No one even called me for audition maybe because I have no good pics. And I'm trying business of reseller let's see things are far still. Have lot to do. Many formalities and registration is pending. I hope this works well. Once I commence everything will be fine.
I'm writing this so that after some days times when I'll read this I'll get courage that m not immobile and trying hard to survive. Situation for me now is very bad just mom is supportive that's it.
Monku is going through a phase which stresses me too, laptop not working, no money to give home. M worried all of sudden now.
God please bless...