Christopher Mel

The Mirror
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2020-03-18 01:10:36 (UTC)

This week in bullshit

Where to start, oh boy. It's just been a non-stop shitstorm of stupidity and assholes.
This roommate I have, -the one who doesn't do anything all day but stay in his fucking room- has got it in his head that I hate him or angry with him.
Every week he would jokingly say: "oh, you trying to avoid me?" You don't like me or something?" But now he's genuinely pissed at me and going out of his way to avoid me like he does the landlord or any other roommate he got in his head hates him. I've literally said or done nothing to him. Don't know what his problem is and I don't care. I'm done babysitting overgrown man children and overgrown women-children with their problems and insecurities and attitude and bullshit. I can't be left alone, always being smothered by someone else's insecurities. Why would I hate you? You don't do enough to warrant people THINKING about you all the live long day. That's what happens when you're old and don't do shit. You have nothing else to focus on but your own theories and insecurities so you project like it's reality. I suppose his attempt at getting me back was not cleaning the bathroom and letting mildew grown. The other grown men here work for a living. You sit on your ass all day in your underwear and only talk to people when you need something. You're rude. Never fucking say good morning or anything to anybody, but put on the fake nice guy bullshit when a pretty girl shows up; how typical. That's okay, I'll clean the bathroom. It's fine. An adult has to do it. Not a big deal. You just have one less thing to do, bringing the things you do around here to a total of 0. So thank you for proving to me just how useless you actually choose to be. Your 'point' was to prove me right and give me the silent treatment?....Something I actually preferred? You're a smart one there, aren't ya old man? And both of these dumb ass roomates...when the place smells NICE for once, they claim it smells like ass. It's like a fucking simulation and they're scripted to be the idiot npc swho are contrarians to everything I say, regardless of what it is, just for the sake of doing so.
Speaking of which my contempt for the elderly has been growing steadily as of late. They make bad management decisions, blame you for shit when you're not even there, like it's your job to fucking babysit grown adults into doing their jobs. And in regard to jobs- do they even show up? Always calling out sick or fucking up even when given the simplest of tasks. Basically taking up the slot of a potentially good worker because they're 'bored' and didn't want to retire yet. Then get all indignant when asked to do extra work: "I don't need this job. I can retire." Then LEAVE and quit your complaining. You're taking up slots for younger people looking for work. Poor customer service: went looking for a particular item in Home Depot and this asshole(another old fuck) who clearly didn't want to be bothered told me where it was and dismissed me somewhere with his hands. He did a terrible job at directing me. He was literally walking around aimlessly doing dick else but he couldn't have been bothered. Given this time where employees have to bust their asses because of the coronavirus seeing this individual put less than minimal effort just rubbed me the wrong way. I left because I couldn't find it, but mainly because I had to take a shit and OMG the FUCKING TOILET PAPER-- hold on, one thought at a time. I'll get into that bullshit in a minute. Anyway, fuck this guy. I tried to tell him to his face that I couldn't find it and that he was literally useless but he was so busy avoiding us customers like everyone else in there that I guess he was too lazy to hear me, but I'm sure they'll see it in the negative review. You're fucking useless. Also, bought the item I couldn't find on Amazon within a minute, like I do with everything else I can't find in person. Did you know our local best buy didn't even have Y-cables or Typc C cables with charging blocks? Basic shit? And their employees do the same avoidance tactic. Again, you're literally useless. You're making me give Bezos more money because you suck at having basic equipment.
This old female, supposed to be a supervisor at our building. Despite her age does the same passive-aggressive resentful bullshit behavior and tactics that are displayed by women half her age and even teenagers. Guess age doesn't matter with your lot you all act the fucking same regardless of your years on this earth. Nothing I don't already know. Speaking of females: oh, about 8 purse grabs? More or less. From the same like-minded individuals who preach about acceptance and tolerance and respect and all that other good bullshit that you wish for yourself and no one else. This: 'do as I say not as I do' mentality. Not fucking buying it. Keep that in mind you gaze upon me with resentment and self-righteous indignation. Right back at'cha. Just remember I'm never going to be sorry to a bunch of hypocrites. You have nothing to say and no ground to stand on, so shove that look of victimization up your entitled hypocritcal asses. There's some reality for ya. I'm supposed to cowtow and keep quiet about it for your sake? Shove it. We don't respect each other so I don't have to fuckin' listen to you. Now normally these broads would take up the number 1 slot for the week of annoyances but no. This week we have a new champion. These fucking impulse panic buying, non biology-educated idiots. This ENTIRE thing with COVID-19 is a mess. But it's a virus so it can't be helped. Know what I don't get? Why toilet paper? Or to a greater degree, paper towels? Does the virus lead to an increase in juice spilling? What the fuck are people buying? The media makes it seem like everyone who gets it gets a guaranteed death sentence. Going for the easy clickbait instead of mentioning that those that died had previously underlying problems, weak immune systems, or otherwise. I get a notification on my phone about every death that the virus racks up in a particular area. Influence has killed hundreds of thousands globally. Shut up. Young, elderly, and immune compromised folks are still at risk for those other viruses not just corona, and all year around. "But it's a novel virus" You don't know a damn thing about the virus. Apparently the scientists studying it don't know either, since I'm still getting conflicting information that they still 'don't know how it spreads' What do you mean? It's a virus. How do viruses fucking spread? We'll wait it out, let it run it's course. We can do it. Don't know why this coincides with me having a single role of toilet paper though. "Why didn't you do your shopping earlier?" Because I was too busy working, like many other people who got caught up on their jobs servicing other people. So while we were helping people get things they needed we didn't get time to get anything for ourselves. You breeders take up so much more resources that us single, solo people can't get basic items now. It's bad enough you get bigger tax rebates than us single individuals but you get to claim more resources in general. Overpopulation rears its ugly head this time. Whatever, it's fine. It's kinda fun, actually. Will just wait for this boomer-remover virus to take its course. Open up some resources for the rest of us.
I guess I'm sounding like an irrationally insensitive asshole right about now. That's because it was my intention. Because I'm too angry all the time with people to care anymore. I don't care to be understanding. I don't want to. You guys say one thing and do another. Socialism is really bad until you really really really need supplies that make a difference between life and death. Some people tried to blame Trump every step of the way during this virus nonsense like he created the fucking thing. Then I hear comments like: "Under Bernies' rule, we'll have to line up for toilet paper" What? He's not even in office morons, what are you babbling about? Also, assuming in some bizarre reality where he was, waiting in line for supplies as supposed to what? Allowing 10% of the population to purchase and hoard up 90% of the supplies while everyone else just gets fucked over? As opposed to what? You want the freedom to be a narcissistic little shit. Steal resources from a starving village and sell it back to them at massively inflated prices. Let's call that the business standard. It's fine business practice until it backfires and someone's hoarding vital medical supplies. Then you want to appeal to humanity all of a sudden. Fuck off. Also, with all the shelves cleaned out due to impulse stricken breeders, what will happen next week? Because the virus isn't going anywhere. So you'll be living like this week to week buying out everything until there are no supplies left. Then what? Investsments are also shit now, but you've already seen that shit show. Also, it was recommended that the elderly stay inside, but I see them mostly out and about despite being more at risk. One of these old fucks just left the bathroom without washing his hands(despite cdc signs EVERYWHERE) You kidding me? IDIOTS. They have to be monitored like children. They'll put shit in their own mouths if you don't watch them. Ask dumb questions, hang out at stores until they open at the asscrack of morning because they literally have NOTHING else to do. This is what happens when ya get old? I hope I die. I was lectured that I should be more patient with old folks, and that they're special to someone. But, shouldn't that apply to everyone? Yet it doesn't stop people from being assholes to each other, does it? Also, older folk tend to be extended versions of their younger selves. If they are pleasant, or like to joke a lot, then chances are they were like that when they were younger. Likewise, if they are miserable whiny, entitled fucks then they were most likely like that their entire lives. I give more scrutiny BECAUSE they're older. They had more time to 'get their shit together'. So when I see you washed up, no money, miserable, unreasonable and unruly because you're bitter about the lane you chose in life I feel less inclined to listen to you. "They were good men" Some of them. For some they were also child abusers, rapists, murderers, and racists in their time. Don't tell me shit about 'respect'. Again, being an asshole just because I can. Everyone else was to me all fucking week. I'm too annoyed to care about anything else. Want to slam some heads against the fucking wall. Watch them play the victim after. Then get mad and crush it completely. The bullshit never ends.

Also, car broke down just as I passed over train-tracks on the way home. Just after. Looks like death has avoided me yet again. Great, I get to live another day in this shithole with these fine human spectacles of humanity. Lucky me. Fuck it. Guess I'll walk to work. Sigh, I often fantasize about what it would be like to be locked in solitary confinement. Some say it's cruel and inhumane punishment. Are you insane? That's like a fucking vacation. Get to sit in darkness all day with NO people bothering you, projecting their bullshit onto you, social expectations you're expected to meet, loans, mortgage. Getting to be alone physically rather than being forced to be alone in a group of people you can't stand nor can't stand you for that matter. I'll admit the whole 'not being able to read or write' thing really sucks but everything else is a plus. Just siting alone in darkness, working out. Imagine this was to be for all eternity. If you think prison is a cage, life is just a larger version of that. You cannot escape. Your freedom is illusionary.