Experienced Life
2020-03-17 18:02:16 (UTC)

Still having to work!

Ok, our Governor is shutting down businesses. Gyms, pubs, wineries, restaurants, theaters, etc , etc, etc. County mayors are shutting down things in their counties. Yet, our mayor and our Governor still makes us work. We laugh at work. I tell them that we are immune to this virus so that's why we need to go to work. So stupid. If someone picks it up at work, I see some loser filing a lawsuit for sure. hehe.

I think they know. They know we are the IT peeps that keep things going. Now they understand but we are not paid the same as private industry. I'm still a little pissed I didn't get an interview when I'm turning up so many cloud environments for customers. Not many people can do this along with firewalls, routers, switches, etc, etc. I'm am so lit up still. Too much input lately. I didn't get to party with my gym peeps today. We were supposed to go to the bar after our workout. I even had my St Patrick costume ready. Darn it.

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