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2020-03-17 17:21:42 (UTC)

Gym closed 🤬

Ok, the crap keeps on piling up. Today, my boss informed me that I'm not able to move cubicles. My friend left and I wanted his cubicle because it had a window. I thought it'd make me feel better if I did. My boss said that his boss said no and it should be offered to the Telecom Engineer (The one I didn't even get an interview for). I call bullshit. He couldn't care less where we sit. So I emailed his boss to see if it's true. Let's see what he says. Still, in the long run, I realize it don't matter. I didn't even get the interview. I can't even move cubicles. And my boss is giving me more work purposely trying to mess with me. I hate that fucking @##$. He is of a certain race so I'm guessing he is giving me all the crap he can since his race was unjustly treated all these years? So he lets it out on me. Well, I already let loose on my avenging angels on him. lol. He will get what he deserves.

Then I heard today that our gym is closed due to this pussydemic going on. Great!! This is all I needed to hear. Sigh... and I broke up with babe (again. lol). Yeah, we lost communication and that's a sign of doom when that is lost. So if babe is hear reading this, please stop reading my posts already. I can't stop you but I'm asking you to please stop. This is my get away from it all place so give me my peace. Or read it. I don't care I guess. I was here a long time and it helped me vent for so long now.

Anyway, boss sucks, gym closed, not good. I got this though. I remember. "This too shall pass". And it will. Life is not linear. I know this bad spot won't be bad forever. I got this.

I'm so full. I bought 12 hot wings at the market. I also went to Costco to shop and to get a feel of what's out there and what isn't. No eggs, no tp, no napkins. I did find a big ass apple pie, a couple loaves of bread for my wine and cheese later. Bacon. I mean who don't need bacon? Two cases of spam because I saw my spam in the pantry has expired. I'm thinking of dropping it off to the homeless peeps nearby. I go sealed packs of cauliflower rice. Nuke for 90 seconds and voila!!. Croissants, Stevia, protein powder, EFA (fish oil pills), and some more crap I don't recall at the moment.

I really needed to hit the gym today. I got so much pent up energy I'm ready to explode!! Oh well, I guess I'll just get drunk for now and chill instead.

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