London Life
2020-03-17 18:18:55 (UTC)

The Plant-Based Pit-Stop

Working from home was easier than usual, because Jack was there too. I had a scare when my laptop wouldn't turn on, but it started to work after a while. We thought we might be still able to go to the cinema tonight to see Misbehaviour (though I don't object to beauty contests) but one by one, the cinemas announced they were closing.

We went out at lunchtime and walked down to Granary Square. There were quite a few people at the station; probably following travel plans already made. The Plant-Based Pit-Stop concessions were open and we got soup, a sausage roll, pain au chocolate and coffees, and sat on the chairs outside. For the second time in eight days, I spilt a whole cup of coffee, this time all over my skirt. We watched a huge Evening Standard van unload. They are trying to get people to go online to read it, now people aren't picking it up on the way to work, but I think they'll find it hard to survive the current situation, particularly as London Underground are today piloting the ability to use phones on the Tube.

Just when I began to feel I may be able to cope, there was a rumour the Prime Minister had said not to go out at all except for essential reasons, but this seems to be untrue.

It was a very unusual evening in that we sat down and watched telly. We do normally watch The Last Leg and Dragon's Den (Debbie's my favourite) though I normally listen from the kitchen while I'm cooking, whereas this time we sat down together and watched it for once.

We also saw a programme about archaeological finds, including a whole Bronze Age village, and an Ian Hislop programme about how men such as William Morris, Walter Scott, as well as writers remembering the Glorious Revolution, all invented their own version of the "good old days" which often became the accepted version.

If we are going to have evenings in, I really should be doing some of the things which I assume will get done when I've got time, but which I never have time to do...