Xýn's Life
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2020-03-17 15:49:03 (UTC)

Furniture Fuckup

So they had the couch. That was nice, we have a clean, new couch for our living room. But they didn't order my bed correctly. I mean what are the fucking odds? We were standing right there with the salesman showing him what we want and he orders it fucking wrong? How bassackward stupid do you have to be to order the wrong thing when we show you what we want to your fucking face? I mean, my god, I could go on and on about how retarded these people here in Texas are.

I do like the couch though. It's comfortable, has plugs, the headrests move, and it's overall a good colour. I've been trying to convince my dad to get me an Android phone this year. Now you might think I'm spoilt. You'd be absolutely correct too. But I do have to fight for it with rationalizing why I want it in the first place. My dad controls executive purchase decisions and he's a stubborn motherfucker when it comes to buying expensive things. I think I might be able to convince him though. I might.

I love my dad. Now, my mom...? She's a stingy fucking string piece of shit. One day I'll love her and then next I'll want to bury her. It's hard to figure out what her fucking issue is, she's so complicated. At least my dad is better than her. I don't know how he stands her.

He's actually out of town right now because of Corona. He might not be home for a month. I'm used to it though, he's always working. He may or may not cheat too. I don't know or care. I still love him.

-Xýn [I can't add the accent because on iPhone] [17:03: Lol on CPU now, got it]