always wth love

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2020-03-17 00:07:23 (UTC)

my sis bday today / WFT LUCK

My sis bday today (Happy 27th bday sis!!! :) so, though would write about her its been about two years that wrote about her on here....
I miss her terrible lately she had to deal with add drama since joining to the army just in the last year. IDK if she will be turning back in the States after the covid-19 basically wiped so many people throughout the world. However, I dont stress over everything that i cannot control. Especially, now that I'm comfortable back in my skin again i had suffered my own pain in a relationship with ex hasn't fully changed (still pretty close) . So, I hope my sis is trying to have decent bday this year considering these unfortunate circumstances that taken upon many of us.....
TRYNA be Better (WFT Luck) (explicit adult content)
So, its been over a bit month that, I got my spark on reading books that dearly missed so desperately within the year of graduation and reapply to another college that was constantly worried would I get back to it. The happiness brought back the memories that I'd made wth my ex within those years that brought so much pain, love and strength in my life....I'm at peace to reconnect the love mystery books to myself....
I do miss drinking my problems away with my sis those memories are rushing like an flood river thats at the damn door. I miss my sis so much...
Playlist (upside-down of the decade)
Forefit.- Kiana Lede (album drops Apr. 3rd)
Toxic - Kehlani
B.S. & Tryna Smoke- Jhene Aiko
Say So- Doja Cat
The Difference - (feat. Toro y Moi)
everything i wanted- Billie E.
Ankles - Jessie Reyez
I miss the company that had with my ex and sis honestly still feel so damn fucking disconnected everyone now that i dont have a real connection to anyone. Over the past month that I've been extremely horny i want someone to hold me when I suffer from depression and anxiety. Lately I'd been having an a low case of panic attack its been 20% of my nervousness that hasnt broken me yet. I'm only hoping that, I will find someone new soon, just hope I have that part of love again....
Stay Strong and healthy everyone.
I'll post again soon, always wth love