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2020-03-16 22:02:05 (UTC)

Subscribed to Amazon Music last night

Don't know why but I had an urge to subscribe to Amazon Music last night. I made a little playlist titled "Pissed off Music". Don't know why I felt like getting it all of a sudden. I just felt or sensed I'll be needing it. And you know what? Needing it I did. I played it when I was getting ready for work, driving to work, during lunch, and heading out to the gym after work.

I'm old school so I have bands like...
Guns and Roses, AC/DC, Eagles, Rage against the Machine, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Def Leppard, Queen, Pink Floyd, Van Halen, Robert Palmer, Heart, Joan Jett, Scorpions, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Metallica, Ozzy, Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, Warrant, Van Halen, Quiet Riot. And this is just for a quick playlist I gathered in a short time. It helped me a lot today. I didn't know I was in for some deep poop of issues today. So yeah, this music lit me up. Many more to add but I like what I have so far.

I have a funny feeling today was the last day of the gym being open. I have a feeling they will be closing it down due to mandates by the State. Oh well, I'll need to look ay Craigslist and see if I can find a VHS player and a Jane Fonda workout vid to follow. lol Dang!!!! This is so messed up. I checked my work and we still have to report to work physically. I know why though. We are the IT peeps for this State and if we don't go to work, the Network stops. The network stops, everything stops. Sigh.. Good and bad. Glad my job is really important but if this crap is really bad, we are in front of the risk line if I may say so because we have hundreds of people in our building. So far, they have permitted the 67 yr old peeps and older to work from home. Pffft. Easy to do. Not many idiots are still working at that age for the State. Sigh... Whatever.

I'm sure with the pile of crap going on, I'll be getting a text from some ex probably pissing me off or something. It's about that time again. Just when things are piling up, that's when crap comes.