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2020-03-16 22:25:44 (UTC)


I think it's funny when people try to put a label on love. Whether that means calling love crazy, calling love scary, or whatever else you think labeling love means. Love is that one feeling that you can't put a label to, but it's defined by the person you fall in love with. Each time you fall in love, it's different. Whoever you fall in love with will give you a unique vision/version of love. You think about ways to make them happy, and different people are happy from different things. It's beautiful, until it's not. There's just no way to label love. It's basically every emotion warped into one word. It can make you feel like you're on cloud 9 and it can make your stomach feel like it sunk to the deepest part of earth. It's painful but it can bring an immense amount of happiness. It's also possible for one person to be in love while the other person isn't. That might be one of the most painful feelings on earth, other than loss. Seeing them with someone else, but hoping they are happy. Realizing the relationship was always one-sided. Thinking about them every minute of the day, knowing they probably forgot about you. It's tough, and sometimes having hope can get the best of us, make us delusional even. Who's to blame though, the person with too much hope or the person who was never in love in the first place? I really don't know why I still care and why it still hurts me. My heart is so fragile, it was a big deal for me to let someone in. For them to shatter my heart and blind me from my purpose, it was a type of pain that I don't wish onto anybody. Surviving a heartbreak shouldn't be undermined. It's a really tough time of dealing with an aching pain in your chest and trying to gain back your purpose for living. Trying to get back the happy person you once were before someone came and took your happiness away without refilling it. I try to do everything in life starting with a base of love, so all I can do for now is hope that I get back that happy person. I hope you don't come back into my life, but I also hope you do. I guess I just can't put a label on anything.