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2020-03-16 18:51:09 (UTC)

Thank goodness for gym and alcohol

Work couldn't get done fast enough. Not really done but quitting time couldn't come fast enough. Still stings a little that I wasn't selected for at least an interview for that promotion. I tell you my boss sure has issues. Sending him my avenging angels. Maybe he'll chill a little after he gets his dessert. lol

I really pushed it at the gym. I knew I had to. Got there on time so no early cardio. But after class, I stayed to do 1/2 an hr of jump rope. I was flying today. Used my pent up energy and used it for some good. I was doing double unders every other jump. I never could do that before. So one rev, then I jump and do a double under, then a normal jump and a double under. I think I got it now. So now, I need to work on doing consecutive double-unders. My myzone was off the charts. I racked it up for sure today. So much pent up energy. I'm so glad I'm able to put it to good use.

Anyway, I went to the supermarket after that just for some impulse shopping. Wow!! the shelves are getting empty. The pandemic is now effecting food coming in. I ended up buying a 6 pack of dark beer. Butte Porter beer I think it was called. Didn't need it but I just felt like buying some. For dinner? Pork grinds, hot wings, and alcohol of some kind. Ended up making a well drink when I got home. Heated up the hot wings in my air fryer. Yeah, I'm doing what Mondo wants to do tonight. I now need to unwind part two!!! So glad loony-roomy is gone. Gotta be thankful for the little things.

Time for a few drinks

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