Xýn's Life
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2020-03-16 19:22:31 (UTC)

Beginning of an End

Hello. This is the first entry I'm going to make on here. I am Xýnthis, but you can just call me Xýn. I wanted to make this journal so that, if I ever died, someone would know what my true life was like. It may not be my loved ones, but at least someone would know.

I'm trying to figure stuff out about COVID-19. I'm in the middle of the outbreak, and it's finally reached my area. We've done alright with quarantining it, but that's only so far. It's just a matter of time until we get a massive outbreak. I'm not really worried about COVID-19 though. For the most part, it kills the elderly, and it acts like the flu. It seems to be able to infect animals. COVID-19 originated from bats, you know. It's not a new disease. A bat probably bit an animal, and some country bumpkin got the disease from said animal, and didn't know it. I like to research.

I'm currently sitting in my room, waiting for my friend online so we can play a fun game. I have nothing better to do, I'm a teenager that's homeschooled, locked up in my house like I was two years ago when I was depressed because people are draining stores for a stupid virus we could've kept out if we'd closed the borders. I've never understood the panic, but I guess that's just me. You could call me a sociopath, but I like the idea of a ton of old people dying off. We'd finally be rid of them, and it'd help the newer generations fix the mistakes that the older ones made.

I'm fourteen years old. I'm fixing to turn fifteen in August. I've never really been afraid to share my age, as I feel I'm a bit smarter than most my age. Though that could just be me being a spoilt brat, but, we'll see.

I could go on and on and on here, but I think I'll leave it at this. Tomorrow I'll bring a new entry for you, since I'm getting new furniture at my home, a couch for the living room and a daybed frame for my room. That entry will be all about how I feel about that. I also may go more in depth about some things. But yeah. that's all I've really got to say.