London Life
2020-03-16 23:26:20 (UTC)

The Black Cat / Drastic changes

On my way to work, the bus driver advised us at Oxford Circus to get off and walk, because of all the traffic around Trafalgar Square, which I think was shut. It was the nicest weather for ages and I enjoyed walking down Regent Street and looking up at all the grandness. I went down Haymarket and through St James's Park, which looked lovely in the sunshine.

At work I was in a mood to catch up on cases, and Martine was chasing me, in a nice way. But as often happens, three bits of new work came along to throw me off course. We had a team meeting to discuss any issues if we have to work from home. I contributed an (anonymous) comment that it would be lonely and de-motivating. It's bad enough doing it once a week.

I heard in the afternoon that my volunteering is currently cancelled but will be re-organised to help with the crisis. This was announced by the Barnet group, but when I mentioned it to our group's chat, I was told nothing had been announced. Seems Damien had distributed something which was meant for organisers only. I asked whether anyone wanted to come to the pub anyway, but Beth said maybe I should reconsider, after the Government later advised people not to gather in pubs. Earlier I'd publicised monthly drinks, but Frances says I shouldn't be arranging these things at the present time. I replied that I was just ths messenger.

We wanted to support our favourite Black Cat vegan restaurant, which might struggle if restrictions come in. I met Jack at Highbury & Islington, because he'd been to the GP about his sore eye. The restaurant was nearly empty, we had our usual pancake and lasagne.

Elina wrote to say that an email had been sent from work, following Government advice, to work from home from now on. We've been taking our laptops home anyway for a week, on advise. Jack wanted to go back to his office to drop off a key. I was going to go straight home but decided to come with him, as we might be indoors a lot in the near future.

When we were nearly there I decided to go into my own office and get my fruit and headphones. I found a way in, when a woman came out, but was initially stopped by security inside. When I got to my drawer I was amazed to find my laptop in there, which I'd accidently left there instead of putting it in my back-pack. We went in Sainsbury to get some pills for Jack. Again there were many shelves empty.

The Government is now telling us not to go to pubs and theatres. They did not mention cinemas, and our local seems still be open tomorrow.