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2020-03-17 00:27:44 (UTC)


"This is the event of our lifetime."
- C

It has finally come to this.

Saturday night it's been issued that all civilians are to stay indoors under any means necessary. Leisure places will be closed, public transport should be avoided, schools will be closed and will move on to a computerized system, and gatherings of over 10 people should be prohibited. I suppose my introverted nature should rejoice. Quite frankly, now I have no excuses not to get through my reading list and projects. None of my inner circle has been infected so we're keeping distance out of precaution. This quarantine is supposed to last two weeks but there's always the possibility of an extension. I'd say this country has a unique ability to panic, but that's been making everyone follow procedure and take the right precautions. Well, almost everyone.

The biggest issue when this all started was the cancelled flights. I was already on the edge when it came to my long distance relationship but not being able to go to the UK in April really, really brought me down. Needing to see C and then having that cancel as well was enough of a push to a dark corner, and for a few days there had been nothing but talk and argument. An executive decision fixed that though, and I forced myself out of the gunk.

It seems odd and selfish, but despite the outbreak going on outside, staying isolated only makes it sensible to spend the time looking inward and finally producing the introspective essay-entries I've been meaning to develop. There's the renewed drive to throw all my efforts into creating so writing has been relatively easy. Oasis help me write so working on the novel in progress picked up pace. I haven't started the drawing list yet, but tomorrow is a new day.

Right, this hasn't turned out as reflective as I thought it might but an update is needed from time to time. At least I'm healthy. Let's do this thing.