London Life
2020-03-15 23:45:15 (UTC)

A Day In - (this could become more common)

Sunday 15/03/2020
I had been intending to go to Crouch End to volunteer, but I didn't fancy running there with my still quite-bad foot. Also I felt very tired and didn't fancy working for two hours anyway. The people there are long-term friends like Graham, Sophie and Steve C, though these still feel like the gang "before" me, I'm more comfortable mixing with my own recent friends.

I booked tickets to see the band Talkshow at the new venue Lafayette, though this country could soon be like France and Italy where all entertainment places, cafes and restaurants are closed. Ireland is telling pubs to close, while Slovenia has cancelled all public transport. Already the Old Vic has started cancelling performances. My life could get very boring (though of course I do realise people are dying!) - and they might make us work from home as well.

In the morning I was enjoying listening to Amazing Radio on my tablet. I went out to the Co-op and it seemed well stocked, as was the greengrocer later, but Sainsbury's had a lot of empty shelves. The Football League Paper did publish today as they had features ready, but it's not coming out again until the games resume. Even today it filled space with National League reports and line-ups from midweek games. There was a picture of a Parkrunner from our group on the front of the Sunday Times.

Unlike the last two days, the laptop worked later in the day so I posted the top 100 but realised that the links haven't worked for weeks as for some reason they are shortened on the spreadsheet. No-one has told me, so it seems they either don't use them, or don't miss them. I put all of the week 10 music releases onto Deezer so I'm in reach of being up to date. Before going to bed I finished making risotto and some "cheese" and lentil loaf.