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2020-03-15 21:33:24 (UTC)

This night

Hello again
Typing on my phone
I didn't study or revise anything today.
I lost my oyster card
I don't know how I'm going school tomorrow
I ate a pizza a while ago; it stinks so bad on my mouth - fish : ammu made it
F2 cried so manylon times for such minor or no reason ; I love her💓
Papa shouted at me for no reason
Not one fucking cares about me at home
I'm going to brush my teeth again
F2's eating biriyani
Papa video called her on ammu's phone
They are talking
My plan:
•wake up early
•go school early
•make some random story to the bus drivers
•DT 3D print my product
•I have to make a timetable for myself for revision
I'm going to finish the chapter 13 of the book 'Star Wars' Force Collector by Kevin Shinick
Good night!
I'll go bed on time (or later)

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