2020-03-15 17:07:47 (UTC)

I cut myself

I thought about taking shower today after a long week (I even had my period on some of the days.) My panty has got disgusting bloodstain in it. EWW! I should be taking shower. I MUST TAKE SHOWER TODAY. I have school tomorrow. But as I said yesturday I lost my oyster card😈.
My life was going all right today until the skin on my elbow scratchcard itself through the sharp - not much - door on my room as I went to open the widow to let fresh air get in so it could usher the bad smells and body odors out of the room. As I went, my skin opened itself to let all those nasty pathogens let in through my blood. The blood rushed out of the blood veins and vessels like refugees leaving Syria. The pain struck me hard. It stinged through my whole body as it passed along and spread, as coronavirus spreading across the globe: fast, unstoppable, uncontrollable. I tried to push it hard with - a lot of - tissues; the blood stained on it like a stamp approving its authority. Lack of medical supplies and first aid kit at home made it even worse;fear and pain spreading even faster and harder within me, without cure, just like the coronavirus spreading without a cure or any form of barrier to prevent it's spreading.
Anyways I'll try my best to take shower once I feel like the cut getting drier so it doesn't hurt while taking shower.
Today I'm typing on my phone, not on the computer like yesturday. I didn't wear my glasses today.
I don't know how I'm going school tomorrow: will the driver stop me from getting in? What if the driver on one bus takes me and the other doesn't? The thoughts are invading my fears of the revisions and the exams coming. The released adrenalin and as I lack of exercise and working out today, blocking my cardio vascular functions - blocking their way... I'll work out tomorrow