London Life
2020-03-15 14:24:15 (UTC)

Crystal Palace, Stevenage and Soho

Saturday 14/03/2020
My original plan has been to do Highbury Fields Parkrun and then do a nearby volunteering task, but I saw yesterday that people I knew were going to Crystal Palace Parkrun and going for breakfast afterwards. On Friday I thought my bad foot would be ok to do Parkrun, but as I was walking to the station on Saturday morning I could tell it wasn't good enough. On Friday I had cycled home from work and stayed in, in the evening, so I didn't realise my foot was still bad. It's been quite bad for a couple of weeks, not affecting running, but on Wednesday night it suddenly got painful and I was hobbling around the office on Thursday.

I went anyway, and despite having to get a replacement bus service from New Cross, I made it to just in time. On the way walking to my bus at New Cross, I happened to see Nurjehan, who was heading for Hilly Fields parkrun with a bloke I also recognised; they were going to see Paul Grey doing the latest letter of his parkrun alphabet, which he is doing in order! She hugged and kissed me but then realised she shouldn't be doing that at the moment.

After the two leg Parkrun - I spoke briefly to two stewards - we went for breakfast in a nice independent cafe. Unfortunately Becca, a young girl who I hadn't met before, was away from me at the other end of the table. I spoke to Tom B and a QPR fan whose name I can't remember, and also briefly to Phil and Nicki who sat to my right. Frances C was at the end. I hadn't realised how posh her voice is. She left before I took a photo. Afterwards I was going to meet Jack at King's Cross, which is why I initially decided not to go to the under-18 football match, which anyway has now been postponed because of coronavirus

I spent a long time getting a paper and missed one bus which I didn't check properly. It was a nice ride to Peckham going through Sydenham and Penge, places I wouldn't like to live, but are attractive to visit, the houses are surprisingly varied. By the time I got to Peckham it was touch and go whether the 63 bus would have got to Kings Cross in time, so I got a train to Victoria and then the Victoria line.

We were going to Stevenage to sort out more more about the trust for Jack's parents. David and Madeline (in a low-cut, long dress) were there. Once again Jack showed how much more intelligent he is than his sister. It took more than two hours, then Anthony arrived and started asking lots of questions. I got a bus back to the station as I was going for a birthday drink which started at 5:30. I had to go home and get changed into smart clothes.

I had a quick meal and got a bus to the cocktail bar in Shaftesbury Avenue. They didn't want to let me in without ID but the bouncer relented as he didn't need to take a picture of it, and I am clearly over 18. Sadly there was only one other person I knew there apart from Rupesh who's Birthday it was; that was Jacqui who never has much to say, she just stood there in a nice green dress with a pint of Prosecco.

I did speak to one couple, a man I had met before, apparently, and his North American wife, but she left to go home on her own. They didn't seem well-matched; he seemed quite sophisticated and she was a bit "oh, wow, awesome". After looking at the cocktail menu I saw they did sell cans of beer so I had a Camden Hells. The music was quite good apart from a Spice Girls (!) track. They played the Arctic Monkeys, the Killers, and ragga. However as there weren't many people to talk to - his friends were all dancing - I soon left, dropped into What The Pitta and went home.