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2020-03-15 09:09:28 (UTC)

what do dreams mean

What's everyone's opinion on dreams? I've been having dreams about the same person even though things didn't go too well between us but in the dreams, it's everything I wished for. Am I able to control my dreams and I just don't realize that I am? Or are dreams predicting something that could happen in the future? Whatever it means, having these dreams every time I go to sleep makes me just want to be asleep all day. It's the only time I get to say what I want to say to them.
On another note, I think it's so crazy what music can do to a person. How listening to a song can bring back a feeling that you thought you didn't have anymore, or how it can take you back to a moment in time where the song seemed to have froze at in your memory. Sharing music is definitely a part of my love language lol it's not just like a "hey listen to this" it's more like a "I want you to enjoy this song with me and I want it to capture this moment that we're together because if you ever forget about me, this song will remind you." I think that's so cool :)