London Life
2020-03-15 09:32:09 (UTC)

Coronavirus / tight leotard / connection problems

In this country, the Government's response to the Corona virus up to now has been more restrained than in others. Some countries are closing all entertainment places, and in the other four major football leagues, in Germany, France, Italy and Spain, matches have been postponed or played behind closed doors. On Wednesday Arsenal found some players had the virus after people at the club met the Olympiakos chairman, who had it. The virus has emerged at one or two other clubs, and today it was inevitable that the whole professional football programme (except the National League) would be cancelled for the time being, which is a shame as we had two important top of the table fixtures in the next few days.

I was unable to cancel my hotel for next Wednesday as I assumed that the game couldn't be moved, because it was televised, and I bought a cheap. non-cancellable room. At least they didn't decide to play games behind closed doors like two other countries. This would have been terrible. professional football is pointless without spectators. Games here were not called off due to large crowds gathering, but because of players contracting the virus.

Jack had gone to Salford to volunteer at the BBC Sport relief charity evening, so I was alone in the house and wore just a very tight leotard which still makes me stupidly excited. Below the hip it covers only a tiny sliver at the front, showing off how smooth you've kept your bikini area, and emerges from the top of the bum. Also it shows the exact shape of the nipples. As well as the great feel, I rather narcissingly kept walking past the long mirror. I was looking for a better lead for my phone, as the one I use is frayed and it's hard to get it to keep charging. I should have two other versions of the very unusually-shaped lead, one with my name on, but I must have lost them at work.

Also, I couldn't get my laptop to work at home which was very frustrating as I'd had the Top 100 ready to go, at work, but just needed to update the historical columns to calculate the 'weeks in chart'. While I was looking at home for a phone lead, I came across my Hudl tablet which I've hardly ever used, but which I was able to charge, and it was useful for doing my diary and catching up on other internet things.