London Life
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2020-03-15 08:58:00 (UTC)

Drip Drip Drip

We went to the Pleasance Theatre to see Drip Drip Drip, a play about an NHS ward, featuring a Muslim nurse, a sweet refugee who's brother was still stuck in France, and an intellectual, right-wing old man. We got a bus to Islington and walked up to the back-street theatre, but found that the bar didn't do lattes. so we went back to Caledonian Road and although there was an independent cafe there, it was shutting so we went in Costas. The play was quite good although it was cramped and my legs were very uncomfortable. Afterwards, instead of walking home, we cut through a council estate to Camden Road where we got a bus.

I was expecting Elina to come in and sit with me, and she'd been insisting we went for a long lunch on both Thursday and Friday, but she had a rash on her face and had to go to her GP. Seems ages since we've sat together for a chat, though I had a good laugh chatting to Laila today, incentivised by her low-cut top, revealing a generous amount of her large and attractive cleavage.

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