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2020-03-15 08:03:06 (UTC)

Military Wives / My anniversary

Tuesday 10/03/2020 / Wednesday 11/03/2920
On Tuesday I cycled home from work and we met opposite the Odeon for a coffee before seeing Military Wives, a film based on a true story, about a group of women at an army base who formed a singing group and eventually sung at the Royal Albert Hall and had a number one single. It was enjoyable, but a bit boring at times, not helped by the play-like setting, primarily at a military base.The theme was a power struggle between a posh lady who wanted to do music as she'd been taught, and a working-class girl who just wanted to have fun. The film used the long-established film format in which two people from different backgrounds have to accommodate each other, learn to appreciate each other but have a big fall out near the end before coming together happier than ever. It's a shame they were dressed in such a dowdy manner, except at the Royal Albert Hall. The pictures of the real group, which they showed at the end, showed they dressed more nicely in real life. One of the girls in the film was a QPR fan.

I worked from home on Wednesday, and made a cake in the afternoon, to celebrate five years exactly since I started volunteering. (While ten years ago, I was in Turin). I reckoned I needed to leave at 16:45 to get a front door key cut for one of the flats next door, and walk down to meet Jack before leading a task. In fact I left late, then while I was getting the key cut, I realised I'd left the cake at home. Luckily Jack phoned to say he'd be ten minutes late, but I thought I'd have to somehow carry the cake while cycling , to get there in time. However, when I went to get the bike out, it wasn't there - I'd remembered to pick it up from opposite the cinema the day before, but later left it outside Sainsbuty's where we went afterwards. But I walked fast and got there just before Jack.
I didn't have to lead a task, as Beth had done her initial training last Saturday (and they then asked if she wanted to cover a group on Tuesday!).

I chatted up a new young girl, Greta, but disappointingly, she went with the homeless shelter group. There were only about seven of us going to the folk centre with Simon, where we raked the glass. Lizzie was with us, and I talked to her about the script she has pitched for a television series. Also a tall, friendly bloke Steff, who was also at both my tasks on Sunday. in the pub I got a chance to speak to Beth who is nice but quite difficult to talk to. I had to walk to Sainsbury's in the cold to get my bike, but still got in before Jack, who'd gone to a play.