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2020-03-14 18:57:48 (UTC)

Silly world 😜

Everyone is worried about the latest greatest. Yup, we talking about the Corona virus. I laugh because the funniest thing about this is people end up hoarding toilet paper of all things. I don't get it. I myself have an open pack and a new one but I bought mine over a month ago. The open pack will last me a long ass time (hehe. I like how I made that up). I'm a single dude. I never checked to see how many rolls I go through but maybe I go through one roll a week? I dunno. I'm guessing at best. I poop maybe at most, twice a day at home. Maybe once at work. Never at the gym and never when I'm out with my friends when we're out partying or at someone's house partying.

I do have medication like ibuprofen and Tylenol but they expire before I ever use them up. So again, my current bottles will last me years. I have a ton of canned soup which if there is a real issue with people catching this flu like thing, wouldn't people be hoarding that instead? I buy it when there is a sale of Cambells soup because I like easy meals when I'm short on time and too busy do make a real meal. I'm sure I have theraflu or tylenol flu which I would think people would hoard and that too will expire before I use it up. One thing I do have are many packs of spam and a 50 lb bag of rice just in case. I bought that years ago too so I'd better check to see if spam can expire.

One thing that I always always always will have in this house and I admit I have a lot of is coffee grounds and alcohol. No worries there. People also are hoarding bottled water. For what? I have filtered water and ice coming right out of my fridge. I do have one of those misting inhalers but it's also over a dozen years old in my garage in pieces which means it's a lost cause. lol. I guess I could get me one of those but again, there are plenty of those in the store right now.

For hand cleaning (which is also cleared off of the store shelves), and soap dispensers, I had already bought this generic soap from Trader Joes. I pour 1/2 of it and 1/2 water into my foaming dispenser. I have an open bottle and a full bottle that will last me a long ass time so I don't need hand soap anytime soon. I keep shaking my head as to the silliness the media is spewing out to the world and how the general public are acting like sheep.

I think I'll think about it while I make dinner with a can of spam, green beans, rice, and a bowl of Campbell's soup. Then have myself a bottle of wine while I contemplate how silly the world is becoming. I'm not sure what generation is at fault for this but it sure as hell isn't from my generation.

They altered the gym workouts a bit which is fine. If the group is small enough, we just grab a mat, dumbbell, kettle bell, wall ball, and do all those things at one spot each of us go to. No high fiving or anything like that. We now wipe down our equipment each and every time after a routine. Anything we touch, we end up wiping down. Even the power bands. Well, not everything. We don't wipe down the floor. But the gym is also getting cleaners to sanitize the gym every weekend from top to bottom now. I guess that's good. Attendance has of course dropped down to at least 1/2 as many. I still go 6 times a week.

Today, I hit the gym, went and later gorged myself at this restaurant called Lumberjacks. I wasn't sure what I wanted so I just ordered the biggest thing on their menu. It was huge (again, I have to say "that's what she said"). Got home and did my normal cleaning. Ironed my clothes and watched TV while doing it. I don't have all that much fun ironing. I have some nice clothes and it's a necessary evil to have to do. I guess I could get it dry cleaned but heck, at 6 bucks a piece? I got way too many shirts and pants to pay that much. Anyway, I sort of slacked off recently so I let my ironing fall and now I had bunch of them to iron.

pic of the gym West of where my old gym used to be. I visited the place last Thursday hoping to see my ex gym peeps but I only saw a couple of them. This was after class so it looked empty.

You know what folks? Not many of you know how I look. There are a select few. Very very select few because I like my privacy. But I decided to give you a full on side shot of myself. I swear this is the latest side pic of me. Let me know if you think I'm handsome or not.