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2020-03-14 22:52:47 (UTC)

Cup match and Islington pizza

Mon 09/03/2020
Elina told me that we may soon have to take laptops home every night because of the Corona virus, which means I won't be able to run into work. I had the afternoon off to go to an under-23 Cup match.I was surprised at how many of my friends were there: Chris, Kath, Fat boy, Keith, Graham, Brian and Big Dave - 11 altogether. I had planned to meet Jack afterwards but I forgot the game might go into extra time, and as it turned out, we got a last minute equaliser but scored the winner two minutes from the end of extra-time to avoid penalties. At London Bridge I was looking for Jack and saw Big Dave talking to him.Had a coffee with Jack at Highbury & Islington

At Arsenal I was in good form talking to two young girls and making them laugh. The task was also good and sociable as we shovelled woodchip.We went for a pizza and a drink, but though I talked to Tom and Simon, the two nice girls were too far away from me to chat up. Despite what City-mapper said, I decided to walk home especially as I saw that the 214 bus wasn't coming for 22 minutes

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