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2020-03-14 21:54:46 (UTC)

So... First Day

Hello again! I just wrote my first entry "First Time" and I'm now back here again. I just realised I didn't write about my day today. So let's begin.
So today I woke up around 7:30 in the morning;last night probably slept at 11-12 (I forgot). I went to toilet with my phone which I putted in the charger overnight - but it was only charged 74% (i guess.) By the way as I'm typing on the computer, my phone is right in front of me - on the table. I worked out after drinking 2 glasse of water from the tap:chloe ting's full body workout of 13 minutes and abs workout of 10 minutes - both part of her 2 weeks shreding program (out to date challenge.) I am hoping to see some results!!
I knew that I had to go to the school at 9 in the morning, even though it was Saturday. I literally have a lot to study and I also have to make some time read books to improve my creative writting skills and mosy importantly my vocabulary.
However, I was still at home, in the living room, sitting in the chair as my mom came and saw me.
I left home without having breakfast at around 10. I was on my way to school, I took the the other way so my parents would not be able to see me without wearing a hijab, through the windows. As I was almost near the bus stop, as my fingers covering with gloves crawling though everything on that was on pocket, I found out:I lost my oyester card. I went back home again, hoping that my parents won't be close to the window. I pressed the bell and soon as my sister opened the door, I walked up the stairs slowly just so that it didn't make much noise which might annoy the old man shouting next door. The smell of smoke - sweat - urine lingring on the air and attacking my breating system as if they'd been waiting for my entrance all along.
I entred through the door:no one was piping nor waiting for the visit. I went straight to my room. I grabbed the scarf and put it around my neck. I went to the living room where everyone was there just to stare at me as I got in. F and ammu trying to chat about me not wearin not covering my head...bla..blah. I tried to ignore them and strated to investigate where my oyester might be hiding:i checked under the sofa and on the sofa (where my jacket had been all night) but there wasn't anything apart from some rubbish. I told my dad. I inspected and assumed I must have lost it in the library ( I had been to 2 libraries yesturday:one with R where I had borrowed 4 books that I had to carry on my hand in whole journey- in the bus and aqain to home, the other one later when i retured home and went to return some of the books-biology revision and one rubbish book i had borrowed to read "The Woman At The Window" or something like that. I wonder how the hell that had been the best sellin book. I world is weird.
Oh however, I lost my card. I took F's card and went school. I was supposed to finish making my product today- but I didn't. I feel like I just wasted my time there. However I willl try my best to utilise my time more efficiently from tomorrow. I willl try to write at least something every day. So that I can look back at these days some day when I wish to in tyhe future.
Nice things:I had pizza, crisp and some unhealthy foods in the school. Ammu gave me 1 pounds after papa asked her to give some. After schhol i wandered around the shopping mall to fing some hand sanitisers - but they were all gone! You won't be able to find hand sanitisers if you go the store at same time as me. The coronavirus is spreadind and spreadind fast. "Antibacterials don't kill viruses" - we learn this biology paper 1 yet people looking for anti bacterials to kill the virus! (sarcasm)
I bought peanut coated with wasabi flavourings which costed 99p from lidl. I ate it when I came home. I was reading "Star Wars" i guess the collector series... maybe ( can't be bothred to find out from the small red bag infront of me.)
However, bad things happened too. As I was eating fish fry and watching some coronavirus news on my phone, papa came and told me not to use the phone. I didn't listen to him and thus F started to talk too much.Later she came and banged my head to the wall which also hir my elbow so bad. My parents didn't say anything to her. They were as if I was the bad one. I hate it when my parents do this - especially papa who admire probably the most in the whole world. I probably want to say sorry to him but at the same time I feel like it's not my fault, infact I didn't do anything wrong.
Anyways, I have to: drink water, go toilet, go washroom, wash my face, brush my teeth etc.
One last thing i want to say, I bought a sports bra or tanktop i don't know. It's super tight. I bought 2XS. I thought my boobs are smaller than butt - which is definitely true. However, I feel like I'm going to be uploading some photos and videos of my body too so that i can keep track of it and see its change over time. I don' care wheter someone sees it or not. I maybe able to share my other social media accounts to whoever wants it. As I'm writting this, I literally feel too lewd. My vagina...I don't know how to say it but feels kinda...I don't know. It's not nice, not the best, risky to be exposed, yet fun at the same time.