London Life
2020-03-14 21:50:46 (UTC)

Maida Vale, Stoke Newington and the easy quiz night

Sunday 08/03/2020
Ran to Paddington Rec, via Regent's Park, to help marshall a Junior ParkRun. It's actually in Maida Vale, hidden away behind some side streets and has a varied offering of cricket pitches, tennis courts, hilly paths and grassy bits. I had to ask an Australasian mum with two kids where the start was, and started talking to a bloke without realising he was one of our group.

The nice Bulgarian girl Kaz also turned up, and a girl called Bea, who I surprised by asking if she was Hungarian (I'd checked her social media as she had an unusual surname). Danny was not too annoying, for once, no stupid crass jokes. I was sent to the top of a hill to marshall the children and warn them about the downhill bit. A couples of the little sweeties replied. They are great to watch running, especially one Asian little girl who smiled all the time.

Kaz wanted to go to a cafe but I was heading for Stoke Newington to help cut hedges in a park.It took a bit longer than expected to run there, but I worked for nearly 90 minutes, after initially having trouble finding anyone.

I saw Liz briefly but didn't even see Frances P and Rosie until they were leaving. The lovely Frances C was there and I talked to an older lady and to a good-looking young girl Sarah, who wasn't one of our group but reminded me of another Sarah from Camden. Also met a girl from the USA who called our different groups "chapters", like some middke-aged monastic grouping.

Phil was running our group but although I suggested it, he didn't take a group picture.I walked into town wondering whether to go to a cafe.I took a picture of a music venue from years ago which is still there as a pub.

The bright sunshine had quickly turned to rain, so I got the first bus that came, which went to Islington where I was so hungry I went in the Indian eat-as-much-as-you-like buffet in Chapel Market, the first time on my own. It was the emptiest I'd ever seen it. It's well worth £8.95 although I remember when it was £2.99. I had a plate of all the vegan mains and another of the salads.

Walked home and after Jack phoned, I said I'd see him at Tooting , but when I got there, I couldn't get hold of him so went in Pret opposite the station. Turned out he was in Caffe Nero next door! So I took my drink in there anyway but was still thirsty after all my running, so got a drink in the pub.
I'd accidentally recorded all my activities on my running app, so as well as the usual mad GPS zig-zag areas, I'd recorded a bus ride, some walking and a Tube journey, so it announced that I'd done my first ultra of over 51km!

I said hello to Ollie who was organising a fundraising quiz for the Red Cross. He got us with two older ladies to make a foursome. All of us thought the questions were easy, and everyone else would get them. We got most right but guessed wrongly about which were Walkers' most popular crisps (cheese and onion, not salt and vinegar).

In fact the lowest scoring team (of seven) got about 56, maybe they were younger and knew less, and we won by 1 mark, I think 87 against 86 for the runner-up. One prize was a Run-Through race entry but Jack decided to take the prize he really wanted, which was a two night stay in a lovely cabin in Sussex. The prize for winning the quiz was a bar tab which the other two ladies in our team bought off us.